If you haven’t been to Cilantro & Chive yet you are MISSING OUT!  This is hands down my favourite restaurant in Central Alberta, a family owned and operated restaurant located in Lacombe.  They use only the freshest ingredients, sourced from local farms and have a craft beer list that is a mile long, I swear!  I’m not personally a beer drinker but the first time I took my husband here he was gushing over their insane selection.  Wine & cocktail lovers would not be disappointed as they have a wide selection of wine and hand-crafted drinks that are sure to ‘wow’ any guest.

The owners, management, and staff are all wonderful people as well, you can tell they all take pride and what they do and love working at Cilantro & Chive.  Every time I go there, whether as a guest or a photographer, I am constantly amazed by not only the incredible food and drinks, but by the welcoming & fun environment they have created.  I highly recommend everyone to check it out if you haven’t already, if you aren’t convinced by these images I’m not sure what more could convince you!  I was practically drooling while taking & editing them!